Customer Service Evaluation, Call Center Auditing, Satisfaction Research

It is the mission of Spot Check to provide clients with best-in-class, efficient and effective, customer service evaluation, call center auditing, and satisfaction research services. We seek clients with whom we can establish well-functioning long term relationships and generate repeat business.

Why Spot Check?

We have decades of operational and technical experience.

But, more importantly, if we can’t do the job for some reason – we’ll promptly tell you.

What should we expect?

Candid feedback. Quick help. Confident, simple proposals.

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Who does Spot Check work with?





Industries / Target:

Companies with lots of brick & mortar that sell products or services requiring high-level customer service interaction or cross/up selling

Examples: Hospitality & Lodging, Rent to Own, Banking Car Rental, Casino, Franchising
Companies recognizing it costs more the acquire a new customer than to satisfy existing ones

Companies focused on repeat bus.Examples: Software, Utilities, Pharma
Businesses with high volume transactions / lots of customer contact
Boutique and Emerging business

Examples: Health & Wellness, Internet Sales, Catalog sales, Insurance, Financial, Retail
Businesses with in-house call / contact centers

Especially those with growth, technical and/or employee / client turnover issues

Decision Makers:

Training, Standards

Guest Relations

Sales Support

Market Research Dept.
C-suite Executives

Project managers
Compliance Officers

Call/Contact Center Supervisors


Customer Service Evaluation

Telephone Mystery Shops

Cyber (e-mail & text chat) Shops

Competitor Shops
Customer Research

Phone / Internet / Paper Surveys

VOC, NPS, Customer Satisfaction

Segmentation, Expansion

Purchase Intent / Key Drivers
Lead Generation

Welcome Calls

Follow-up / Warm Transfer

Customer Care

Call overflow / extended hrs.Order Acquisition
Outside Call Recording Review

Employee / Remote monitoring

Key stroke / screen-shot capture and review

Interaction (required Document) Confirmations


To facilitate a smooth transition from current providers, we will work closely with you in a pre-deployment period to satisfy process and technical requirements.

We will provide you:

  • Access to and thorough testing of processes.

You should provide us:

  • Complete and up-to-date scripting.
  • Specifications and samples of reporting and data files to be exchanged.
  • Access and distribution requirements, including name and email address, store location, etc.

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