Customer Satisfaction Research Questions – Issue Spotting Checklist

Customer Satisfaction Loyalty - Issue Spotting ChecklistDo you survey customers?

Do you survey potential new customers (before an expansion of service territory or new product introduction)?

Do you use outside vendors to handle any customer contact? Do you research customers’ perceptions about the quality of service provided by outside vendors?

Do you conduct employee satisfaction surveys?

What other market research projects are you working on which could be benefited by cost savings and having a concerned vendor partner?

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By what methods do you survey (in writing, by e-mail or by telephone)?

Is most of your research event driven or do you conduct the same survey(s) on a regular or continuous basis to identify and track trends?

For what purpose do you survey?

To measure and/or promote satisfaction

Do you measure satisfaction using a formal research yardstick (like NPS, Six Sigma, Shewhart cycle (plan-do-check-act), ISO, CMMI (capability maturity model integration), MSA (measurement systems analysis), FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis), QMS (quality management system) auditing?

Are you looking at transaction based satisfaction or customer relationship satisfaction?

Do you conduct a survey at the conclusion of every service interaction?

Do you track the relationship through a CRM software program?

Post field agent contact to confirm proper conduct/problem resolution?

Do you elicit customer feedback after service technician is dispatched

Post account complaint or to confirm appropriate resolution of customer issues

To inform of on-line bill pay or other information

Verify reasons for customer’s termination of service (defection research)

Key driver patterns

What key drivers are you examining?

Is it mostly customer verbatim feedback that you are looking for?

To determine bonus pool eligibility (incentive program)

Are you combining satisfaction research with financial data to set bonuses?

Unit/division comparisons

How granular (down to specific outlets, regions, divisions, etc. ‘“ unit observation) is the data you generate?

How quickly are survey results distributed to employees who can properly act on the information? Is everyone getting the results that should be? How do you monitor that they are actually using the data?

Do you benchmark of the data you collect? From where do you obtain the performance data off of which you benchmark?

Are you getting the needed level of statistical data analysis?

Do you provide survey incentives (such as a prize drawing for participants)?

Do you think the script you are currently using is providing relevant, needed information?

Are your employees spending too much time figuring out the right content and structure of proposed surveys?

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What methods do you use to uncover customer’s expectations and feedback?

What efforts are you making to promote customer retention and repetitive business?

Have you ever thought about doing employee satisfaction evaluations to determine your percentage of disengaged employees (Gallup averages – 29% engaged, 54% not engaged, 17% actively disengaged / Market Watch averages ‘“ 38% disenchanted, 21% willing to make extra effort)?

Do you spend significant sums of money on branding instead (increasingly ineffective due to proliferation of media channels, scattered audience)?

Are you experiencing certain customer dissatisfaction trends you would like to address?

How do you decide which market segments (trend within industry to identify small groups within the target market) you should try to attract and retain?

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