Customer Surveys and Research Services

With customer surveys and market research, the more information you collect, the better. But, different markets, methods, times, and demographics penetrate differently. The more channels you use, the more customers will respond; but, at what expense and with what certainty?

Here is a quick comparison table of possible expected outcomes when deploying marketing survey method alternatives.

Marketing Surveys / Data Collection Methods - Compare / Pros and Cons

Notes Pro
Notes Con
Phone Surveys Flexible, allow for much clarification, quick turnaround possible, multiple attempts / callbacks easily tracked, longer script, auditory rapport. Low penetration without mobile #s, difficult to provide respondent incentive.
Mail Surveys Allows imagery, can include incentive, personalized (cover letter, name use), respondent can complete at any time, can guarantee anonymity. Slow, inflexible, no clarification possible, unknown respondent, difficult to randomize, skip logic visible to respondent.
In-Person Surveys

Focus Groups

Intercept Interviews
Able to control interview setting, allows for extensive clarification, probing, and explanation of questions, easy to stimulate memory with visuals. Expensive, slow, and time consuming, limits quantity / volume without big budget.
E-mail Surveys

Internet / Web Surveys
Inexpensive, quick, real-time statistics, easy to administer, fielding is less complicated than sample and survey control, can include incentives, items rotation within battery possible, may increase willingness to share personal info because of anonymity, removes interviewer influence on response, respondents may provide more written detail on open-ended questions, respondents can answer at their pace and start/stop/restart. Easily ignored (response rate issues), short script may increase response, unknown respondents, clarification difficult, Internet access / penetration may limit response from certain segments (e.g. seniors, low income), more partial answers and item non-response.
IVR (Interactive voice response) Surveys Cost-effective, efficient, verbatim feedback possible with digital comment recordings, respondent, can be tied to auto call dialer on phone campaign. Impersonal, must be limited in length, inflexible scripting – no probing or clarification, unknown respondents, won’t work for some phones.
Social Network Surveys Elicit targeted responses, friendly PR, may act as a marketing reminder. Existing contact presumed, difficult to outsource – usually administered by in-house talent, interaction is public.

Get an Accurate Survey of Your Customers Experience

Spot Check employs a variety of marketing surveys and research methods that offer accurate and detailed investigations, deep insight, and measurable solutions to businesses looking to deliver excellent customer service. From telephone surveys, email, IVR surveying and more we can we can assist with carefully thought out polls that will engage your customers’ participation and capture answers using methodologies with proven results. Call us to learn how our interviewers can survey your customers and help you take the complexity out of collecting data.

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