Cyber (Internet, E-mail, Text, On-line Chat Room) Mystery Shops

Internet Mystery Shopping ServicesAn ever growing percentage of customer contact is now on-line. Quick response time and accuracy and completeness in responding to web inquiries are critical to realize increased sales via the Internet.  E-mail and text chat cyber shops can be used to assess these factors, gauge contact center agent competency and determine the sufficiency of on-line customer service processes.

How do you assess the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center agents and online customer service processes?

We mystery shop all customer access channels and media – phone, email and text- chat.  We correspond via e-mail and online chat with customer service representatives.  We provide call recordings, e-contact transcripts and scored reports. Customer interactions are timed, transcribed, evaluated and reported as you prefer.

The average length of employment of a contact center agent is approximately 26 months.

Customers don’t care about your I.T. or workflow – they decide whether you’re a good company by the quality of your representatives and their level of service.

E-Customer Satisfaction Suggestions

Mystery Shop Quality

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