Market Research Pricing (estimates)


Telephone Mystery Shops
Trained auditors contact your employees and agents, posing as one of your customers, and ask the questions that your customers ask. Calls are timed, recorded, and scored according to your standards.

Customer Service Shops $5 – $15
Sales Shops – Transaction completed/ cancelled $15 – $40
Competitor Shops $8 – $12


Web-based Mystery Shops
E-mail and text-chat correspondence with your contact center reps. Customer service and effort are evaluated for efficiency, accuracy and thoroughness. Cyber-shop dialogues are timed, transcribed, audited and reported in the manner best suiting your needs.

E-mail Mystery Shops $9 – $15
Online Chat / Text Mystery Shops $10 – $15


Video Mystery Shops
Agents visit your properties and interact, on camera, with your customer service reps. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video may be worth……..

Difficult to estimate without all facts

– locations, scenarios, timing, etc.




Telephone Surveys
Skilled interviewers contact your current, former and prospective customers to collect valuable data. A wide variety of statistical calculations and reporting options are available.

Base cost (5 or less questions) $ 7.00 per complete
6+ questions + $ 1.75 each 5 variable increment
Verbatim reporting + $ 1.00 each open-end question
Dated sample / data gaps + $ 3.00
Primarily residential sample + $ 1.00


IVR Surveys
Establish a toll-free number where your customers can provide their opinions and additional contact info through a programmed voice system.

One-time implementation $ 1,500.00
IVR and Reverse IVR (automated outbound) $ .50 per complete


Internet-based Surveys
Customer feedback collected through a white-labeled web portal. Customers are invited to participate through various collection mechanisms. Results are quickly accumulated and reported.

0 – 5,000 monthly completes $1,500
5k – 10k monthly completes $ 2,500
10k + monthly completes $.15 each



Experienced, objective contact auditors review actual customer recordings and score interactions based on your quality requirements. Sample can be pulled directly from your server, segmented, graded and promptly placed back.

Avg. call time 5 min or less $8 – $15
5+ min $15 – $25

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